Author Topic: Thirupugazh - Muthai Thiru (With Lyrics & Translation with meaning)  (Read 22431 times)

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Thiruppugazh Murugan Devotional Muruga Song - Vaikasi Visakam 2009 Special
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Re: Thirupugazh - Muthai Thiru (With Lyrics & Translation with meaning)
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muththaiththaru paththith thirunakai aththikkiRai:
"You are the Consort of DEvayAnai* with a beautiful smile and lovely teeth looking like pearls!

saththis saravaNa:
You are SaravaNabhava holding the powerful spear called SakthivEl!

muththikkoru viththuk gurupara:
You are the foremost seed for the Heaven" -

enavOthum mukkatpara maRku:
so praises Lord SivA, with three eyes (the Sun, the Moon and the Fire-Agni);

suruthiyin muRpattathu kaRpiththu:
to that SivA, You preached the fundamental ManthrA OM 111111111 earlier than the VEdAs

iruvarum muppaththumu varkkath thamararum adipENap:
while the other two of the Trinity (BrahmA and Vishnu), along with thirty three crores of DevAs, watched (Your preaching) and worshipped Your feet!

paththuththalai thaththak kaNaithodu:
He shot an arrow to scatter the ten heads of RAvaNA (RAmAvathAram);

otRaikkiri maththaip poruthoru:
He churned the milky ocean with the incomparable Mount Manthara (KUrmAvathAram);

pattappakal vattath thikiriyil iravAka:
He hid the Sun with His ChakrA (disc) in daytime making it night (KrishnAvathAram);

paththaRkira thaththaik kadaviya:
He drove the chariot for His friend and devotee, Arjunan (KrishnAvathAram);

pachchaippuyal mechchath thakuporuL:
and He is Lord Vishnu, the emerald-green and cloud-complexioned. You are His favourite!

patchaththodu ratchith tharuLvathum orunALE:
Will You be kind enough to come and protect me one of these days?

(The second half of this song describes Murugan's war against the demons)

thiththiththeya oththu:
In accordance with the meter 'thiththiththeya',

ap paripura nirththappatham vaiththup payiravi thikkotka nadikka:
anklets in Her feet jingled as Bhairavi (KALi) danced fiercely moving in all the eight directions;

kazhukodu kazhuthAda:
the devils in the battlefield danced along with the eagles;

thikkuppari attap payiravar:
the eight bhairavAs protecting all directions

chithrappavu rikku thokkuththoku thokkuth thokuthoku thrikadaka enavOtha:
choreographed for this unique dance in the meter of 'thokkuththoku thokkuth thokuthoku thrikadaka';

koththuppaRai kotta:
a series of drums were beaten to the same tune;

kaLamisai muthukUkai:
in the battlefield, old vultures screamed

kukkukkuku kukkuk kukukuku kuththipputhai pukkup pidiyena kotputRezha:
'kukkukkuku kukkuk kukukuku, stab and bury, attack and catch' and they kept revolving around the corpses, flying upwards in circles;

natpatR RavuNarai vettippali yittu:
the hostile demons (asuras) were killed en masse; and

kulakiri kuththuppada:
their mountain Krounchagiri was shattered into pieces

oththup poravala perumALE.:
when You fought the righteous war, Oh Great One!
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