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Vilakku (Lamp) Puja
« on: December 14, 2007, 12:48:05 PM »
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what is Vilakku (Lamp) Puja? I've seen mainly women doing this pooja in temples. My mum used to go to temples to do this puja too. Even in some movies they show a number of women, sitting in a row, with the lamps in front of them and singing bhajans or devotional songs, doing puja.

Do any of you guys know what Vilakku Puja is all about? Heard of them? Why is this puja done? Any information you guys can contribute? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Vilakku (Lamp) Puja
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2012, 01:39:52 PM »
Vilakku Pooja: Every one feels that godess lakshmi is residing in lamp light to lit our surroundings with all fortune. Vilakku pooja is also like that to worship our god. At home if you lit a lamp and pray, you feel that lamp is giving light to our home and our surrounding. LAKSHMI KADATCHAM.
Here is an interesting request to you,
Dear Sir,





As per the blessings and directions from Lord Muruga we have planned to conduct the grand divine event 1,00,008 Thiruvilakku Pooja here at Eachanari Kachiyappar Madalayam, Eachanari, Coimbatore , Tamilnadu. from 20-Feb-2012 to 24-Feb-2012.


With the blessings of Lord Muruga and his sincere efforts Sri Ganesa Paramadesiga Swamigal initially established Kachiyappar Madalayam and Sri Balasubramanyar Swamy temple in 1976 .


This is the first time in this world involving 1,00,008 ladies to sit under single roof and make them to light 1,00,008 five faced kuthuvilakku. A grand divine event ever in this world is going to be organized by us with all your support.

Please take active part in contributing as much as possible, only with which the event can be a grand success.


Regarding the Thiruvilakku Pooja, the total expenses are around 15Crores. Because, we offer the lamp at our cost to the participating ladies, Saree with blouse for them at our cost, And all other pooja accessories at our cost. But we collect just Rs.250 from the participants.

Details of Pooja Expenses:

S.No  Description of Item                     Total Quantity   Rate    Total Amount
01     Five Face Thiruvilakku (14” height)    1,00,008      Rs.250  2,50,02,000
02     Saree with Blouse (6.5mts)               1,00,008     Rs.100  1,00,00,800
03     Pandal                                     5,00,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.20    3,00,00,000
04     Anna Thaanam                     5,00,000 Members   Rs.40    2,00,00,000
Overall Publicity, Security Arrangements, Rest Room Arrangements, Transportation, VIPs Maintenance, Organizers-Volunteers-Mutt Members Conveyance, etc.,(Approx)

06     Pooja Accessories

Day-1: 20-02-2012: Gaja Pooja                                                  10,00,000

Day-2: 21-02-2012: Gomatha Pooja                                            10,00,000

Day-3: 22-02-2012: Aswametha Pooja                                         10,00,000

Day-4: 23-02-2012: Sakthi Vel Pooja                                           10,00,000

Day-5:24-02-2012:1,00,008 Thiruvilakku Pooja                              10,00,000
Total expected expenses                                                       12,40,02,800

Being the youngest mutt of this divine land, we were blessed with Lord Muruga to organize this grand event for the welfare of this world. And the success of this divine event can only be possible by your support.


We kindly request your excellency to take active part by contributing your maximum in terms of monetary and moral support.


Anbu Atchi Puriga!!!
Kumaran Adimai. Thavathiru. Sadadsaravel Paramadesiga Swamigal
Eachanari Kachiyappar Madalayam, Eachanari, Coimbatore , Tamilnadu.

D. Saravana Prakash,
Asst. Professor in Computer Technology,
Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College,
Kalapatti Road,
Coimbatore - 641048
Ph: 04222629367; 9443056066
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